Loan rates

Interest rates effective as of December 15, 2021
Rates are subject to change without notice
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Loan typeAPR*Notes
Mastercard9.96%No annual fee
New car1.95%-3.50%
Used Car2.25%-4.25%
Passbook Loan (up to 95% of secured funds)+2.00%over certificate rate
Home Equity Line of Credit
Prime rate
Floor rate4.00%
Mortgages *** (call for down payment requirement)
Adjustable rate mortgages- down payment 10% or higher- no PMI required.
Refinance Rates:
5/1 Year ARM2.75%
with closing costs / 0 points
5/1 Year ARM

3.75%no closing costs / no points
5/1 Year ARM2.50%Between 10% and 20% down. (NO PMI)
5/1 Year ARM2.375%20% or more down.
FIXED RATE- 15,20,30 Year. * Rates can change daily.
For FHLB - 15 Year2.650%
For FHLB - 20Year2.875%
For FHLB - 30 Year3.25%
For Taupa- 15 Year2.650%
For Taupa- 20Year2.875%
For Taupa- 30Year3.25%

* APR is the Annual Percentage Rate