Debit Card Request

You enjoy the convenience of making purchases and payments without using cash and paper checks. Members have access to cash wherever you see the MasterCard® symbol. There are no monthly maintenance fees and no charge per transaction. Please refer to our fee schedule. Free ATM cash withdrawals at all MONEYPASS and SUM locations.


I agree to be bound by the terms and conditions covered in Taupa Lithuanian Federal Credit Union's Customer Agreements. I understand the Debit MastrerCard® is not a credit card and that the dollar amount of my purchases made with this card will be deducted from Taupa Lithuanian Federal Credit Union checking account only. I authorize Taupa Lithuanian Federal Credit Union to verify the information provided above and to request a credit report, if necessary. The Taupa Lithuanian Federal Credit Union Debit MasterCard® is available for qualified members only. Other requirements may apply.

Do you agree with the above terms and conditions?