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Lithuanian Clubs

  • Boston Lithuanian Citizens Association
    Large hall and snack bar, Lithuanian kitchen (located in Club)
    Open Saturday and Sunday at noon

    President: Joe Austras
    Manager: John Skabeikis
    Address: 368 West Broadway South Boston, MA 02127
    Phone: (617) 268-9058



  • St. Peter Lithuanian Parish
    The Lithuanian Parish of St. Peter was established in 1896 and the church was built in 1901. More than 1000 families belong to the parish, with the majority of families living in various cities and towns in Massachusetts and neighboring states. About 100 families belong to the third wave of immigrants. Children are prepared for first communion and confirmation in Lithuanian.
    Pastor: Rev. Stephen Žukas
    Address: 50 Orton Marotta Way South Boston, MA 02127
    Phone: (617) 268-0353
    Fax: (617) 268-2585



  • Boston Lithuanian Saturday School
    The Boston Lithuanian Saturday School was established in 1949. Currently the school comprises all grades from pre-school through tenth grade. More than 100 children attend the school.
    Director: Rita Stuopis
    Address: Brook Road Milton, MA 02186
    Phone: (781) 821-5973
    E-mail: or
  • St. Peter Academy
    Private School with a Catholic Focus. Pre-school to grade 8.
    Principal: Janice Carthas
    Phone: (617) 268-0750
    Fax: (617) 268-2215



  • Neringa Inc.
    Summer Camp
    Director: Regina Kulbis
    Address: 147 Neringa Road Brattleboro, VT 05301
    Phone: (978) 582-5592
      (802) 254-9819
      (802) 254-8090
  • Lithuanian Scouts – Camp
    Organize outings, camps and other programs for young people, including the annual craft show and festival called St. Casimir’s Fair.
    Girls’ Guide: Asta Norvaisiene
    Boys’ Guide: Romas Jouzelskis


Lithuanian Dance Groups

  • Boston Lithuanian School Group
    Young children’s dance group
    Director: Daiva Veitas-Neidhardt
    Phone: (781) 821-4451
  • Samburis
    Young adults’ dance group
    Director: Naida Snipas
    Phone: (508) 359-7891


Lithuanian Singing Groups

  • Ethnografic Ensemble “Dolija”
    The group performs older songs and dances
    Leader: Egida Matulionienė
    E-mail: Vadove
  • Ethnografic Ensemble “Sodauto”
    The group performs newer songs, especially those sung by Lithuanian immigrants in the U.S.
    Leader: Gita Kupčinskienė
    Phone: (508) 668-2167


Relief Agencies

  • Lithuanian Children’s Relief
    Organizes fund drives to support orphans in Lithuania
    Leader: Sister Elenyte Ivanauskaite
    Address: 261 Thatcher Street Brockton, MA 02302
    Phone: (508) 588-5070 ext. 36


Lithuanian Convents, Nursing Home and Monastery

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Convent Sisters of Jesus Crucified
    Address: 261 Thatcher St. Brockton, MA 02301
    Phone: (508) 586-5070
  • Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Convent
    Address: 600 Liberty Highway Putnam, CT 06260
    Phone: (860) 928-7955
  • Matulaitis Nursing Home
    Address: 10 Thurber Road Putnam, CT 06260
    Phone: (860) 928-7976
  • St. Anthony Franciscan Monastery
    Vacation Room Rentals
    Address: P.O. Box 980 Kennebunkport, ME 04046
    Phone: (207) 967-2011



  • Tautininkų Sąjunga
    Political Network
    Chairperson: Birute Banaitiene
  • Knights of Lithuania (The Boston Chapter No. 17)
    Taking care of Lithuanians and Lithuanian affairs. Representing the interest of the Lithuanian – American organizations in the U.S.
    Chairperson: Frank Markūns
  • Lithuanian-American Community Inc., The Boston Chapter
    Chairperson: Rima Girniuvienė