Fee schedule

Effective as of October 19, 2022. Fees subsequent to change.
If you are under age 19 or over 65, special conditions may apply.

Checking accounts

No Interest Checking / NOW Accounts
Monthly Service Chargenone
Interest Checking / NOW Accounts
Monthly Service Charge
If Balance falls Below $200.00$5.00
If Balance is Over $200.00none
Insufficient / Uncollected
Funds Charge$15 per transaction
Check printing$5.00 plus printer's charge

Debit card Mastercard®

Daily cash limit $400.00
MasterCard Daily limit
Daily Purchase Limit $2,000.00
Free ATM Cash Withdrawal at MONEYPASS and SUM Network Locations

Overdraft protection

Unlimited Free Transfers per month

Other services

International wires$45.00
Domestic wires$30.00
Incoming wires$20.00
Notary Fee
(non-member $5.00)
Bank Check Fee$0.00
Copy of Check Fee$0.00
Statement Copy Fee$0.00
Research Fee$0.00/hr
Inter-Account Transfer Fee$0.00
Deposit Fee$0.00/item
Bill Pay Transaction Fee$0.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee$0.00
MasterCard / Debit Card Production Fee$0.00
Paper Statement Fee$0.00
Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee$0.00
Mobile Banking Transaction Fee$0.00
Duplicate 1098 or 1099$0.00
Duplicate loan statement$0.00
Equity Line Annual Fee$0.00
Interim Statement Fee$0.00
IRA Annual Fee$0.00
Levy/Garnishment Fee$0.00