Due to continuing public health impact of the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) Taupa LFCU Annual Meeting will be held virtually using the ZOOM platform 6:00-7:00 PM on July 29,2021.

To request access to the meeting, you must send to Taupa (info@taupaboston.com) your e-mail to register for the meeting. (In subject line, reference: Annual meeting). If you have questions, please contact the Taupa office.

Fee schedule

Effective as of January 20, 2021. Fees subsequent to change.
If you are under age 19 or over 65, special condtions may apply.

Checking accounts

No Interest Checking / NOW Accounts
Monthly Service Chargenone
Interest Checking / NOW Accounts
Monthly Service Charge
If Balance falls Below $200.00$5.00
If Balance is Over $200.00none
Insufficient / Uncollected
Funds Charge$15 per transaction
Check printing$5.00 plus printer's charge

Debit card Mastercard®

Daily cash limit $400.00
MasterCard Daily limit
Daily Purchase Limit $2,000.00
Free ATM Cash Withdrawal at MONEYPASS and SUM Network Locations

Overdraft protection

Unlimited Free Transfers per month

Other services

International wires$45.00
Domestic wires$30.00
Incoming wires$20.00
Notary Fee
(non-member $5.00)
Bank Check Fee$0.00
Copy of Check Fee$0.00
Statement Copy Fee$0.00
Research Fee$0.00/hr
Inter-Account Transfer Fee$0.00
Deposit Fee$0.00/item
Bill Pay Transaction Fee$0.00
Automatic Overdraft Transfer Fee$0.00
MasterCard / Debit Card Production Fee$0.00
Paper Statement Fee$0.00
Checking Monthly Maintenance Fee$0.00
Mobile Banking Transaction Fee$0.00
Duplicate 1098 or 1099$0.00
Duplicate loan statement$0.00
Equity Line Annual Fee$0.00
Interim Statement Fee$0.00
IRA Annual Fee$0.00
Levy/Garnishment Fee$0.00